Since March 2012, I have been talking to leaders in Seattle’s communities of color who live and/or work in Rainier Valley, and asking them about bicycling and public space. A leader is someone who works at a community-based organization (CBO) and has insight into her/his community’s needs and concerns. A leader is someone who fights for her/his community’s rights. Networked in Seattle’s larger world of nonprofits and activism, these leaders know how their neighborhoods fit into the city at large.

Nine interviews have been completed as of August 2012. All interview responses are included in the What They Said section of this website. Because I did not ask every interviewee every question, depending on the conversation we were having, there may not be nine responses for every question.

Date of Interview
5/8/2012     5/25/2012     5/25/2012     5/16/2012     5/16/2012     3/9/2012     4/30/2012     5/16/2012     6/12/2012

Location of Interview
Capitol Hill     Little Saigon     Rainier Beach     Columbia City     Columbia City     Columbia City     Columbia City     Columbia City     Columbia City

Rather than asking interviewees to write down their answers or recording our conversations, I took detailed notes about each response. The following demographic information was supplied by my interviewees:

24     35     33     27     39     62     51     45     69

M     F     F     F     F     F     M     M     F

Home Zip Code
98104     98178     98178     98104     98108     98108     98108     98125     98104

Race/ Ethnic Identity
Black/mixed     Mexican-American     African-American     Ethiopian     Ethiopian     Filipina-American    Ethiopian     African-American/American-African     Ethiopian

Aspiring journalist and retail clerk         Social Justice Advocate               Community Organizer and Call Center Worker             Environmental Scientist and Receptionist at CBO               CBO Staff                Community Activist and Former Politician              Social Services Consultant and CBO Board President              Executive Director at CBO              Economist and CBO Volunteer

Years in Seattle
21     35     33     1     2     18     27     20     17

Raised in Seattle
Yes     No     No     Yes     No     Yes     No     No     No